• p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA)
  • p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA)
  • p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA)
  • p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA)
P-Toluenesulfonic Acid (PTSA)
Name: p-Toluenesulfonic Acid (PTSA)
CAS NO.: 104-15-4
Appearance(25℃): White crystal
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 MT
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【Performance and Application】
PTSA is white needle crystal or powder, soluble in water, alcohol and ether, easy deliquescence, easy to make the cotton fabric, wood, paper and other carbohydrates dehydration and carbonization, insoluble in benzene, toluene and xylene solvent such as benzene. Alkali fusion generated p-cresol. Organic acid with oxidation resistance.
It is widely used in synthesis of medicine, pesticide, polymerization stabilizer and organic synthesis (ester) catalyst. Used in medicine, coating intermediates and resin curing agent, also used as electroplating intermediates.


Double layer Packing, 25kg polypropylene woven bag lined with PVC plastic bag,21MT/25’FCL

Stored in dry and cool place, kept away from sunshine and rain.
【Technical Data】
Items Technical grade Pharma grade Refine grade Reagent grade Electronic grade
Assay (as C7H8O3S·H2O) ≥% 93.0 95.0 97.0 99.0 99.9
Free acid (as H2SO4) ≤% 3.0 2.0 0.7 0.1 0.03
Moisture ≤% 4.0 3.5 2.3 0.9 0.1
Fe content ≤ppm 50 30 20 10 1
Residue on ignition ≤% / 0.2 0.2 0.02 0.02
Dissolve test of ethanol / Qualified Qualified Qualified Qualified
Dissolve test of water / Qualified Qualified Qualified Qualified
Main metal Ions ≤ppm / / / / 1

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