• Sodium Nitrate
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Sodium Nitrate
Sodium Nitrate
Name : Sodium Nitrate
CAS NO.: 7631-99-4
Appearance(25℃): Colorless transparent or yellowish diamond crystal
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 MT
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【Performance and Application】
It is white crystal, rhombus crystal and white tiny powder. It is easily soluble in water and aqueous ammonia ;while it is slightly dissolved in methanol, alcohol, and solvent ether. In addition, it shows strong hydroscopic property.
It is the important chemical material and widely used in industries including glass, dye, detonator, metallurgy, machinery and vitreous enamel etc.


25/50/1000KGS plastic woven bag or as per customers’ required.

Keep away from sunlight and moisture, store in ventilated Dry place.
【Technical Data】
Item Test Results
Sodium Nitrate%≥99.3 99.32
Moisture %≤1.4 1.16
Sodium Nitrite%≤0.02 0.01
Chloride %≤0.24 0.086
Insolubles in Water %≤0.03 0.02
CAS NO 7631-99-4
PH Value: 6.5-8.0 6.9
Appearance Colorless transparent or yellowish diamond crystal
Conclusion Premium grade

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